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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Often, we hear the phrase, “let go” and instantaneously associate it with a loss. However, when we are courageous enough to surrender to letting go, there is everything to gain!

Here’s the truth…many of us are not used to having a lot of things. And many of us are not used to having stable relationships – whether it be a parent who was in and out of our lives, or a partner who could not love us the way we needed to be loved. So, when we finally feel like we can call a thing…a person “mine,” we tend to cling to them for dear life. For example, my man…my child…my car…my house…my BFF. And while labeling these things and people “mine” serves our egos well, there is not much that we own - that we can truly call “mine.”

So, in our attempt to control what we believe to be ours, we can inadvertently stunt the growth and maturation of that object, or person. Simultaneously, we can stunt our own growth. Where there is liberty, there is love. And where there is love, there is growth. Transitions are a part of growth, but they are also hard because transitions mean change. But guess what? You can do hard things! You can embrace change and begin practicing the art of letting go.

As we prepare to enter this new season, start thinking about what (or who) is no longer serving you because they do not need to transition into this next chapter. This does not mean that the time we shared with those things was not beneficial. It is very possible that they were very beneficial for that season. This next chapter, however, may require some different characters. It may require a new setting. Embrace all that is to come with the understanding that the love for the old is not diminished.

We must begin to prepare for the things we are wanting and manifesting by creating space and making room.

Let go of unworn or old clothes. This is a great way to start your practice of letting go.

Let go of unnecessary obligations. Life is about more than calendar invites.

Let go of other people’s expectations. Their expectations of you have nothing to do with you.

Let go of bad relationships. You are worthy to be someone’s choice and priority.

Let go of your past mistakes. Today is a new day.

Remember, in letting go, there is everything to gain!


Cherice Jackson

Founder, Love Is

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