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001: ALIGNING WITH GEMINI SEASON: Holistic Remedies using Plant & Sound Medicines

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

One of the best ways to align ourselves with the universe is simply to stay aware of the energies surrounding the current astrological season we are in.  By understanding the key themes of each different zodiac and their ruling planet(s), we can better prioritize our thoughts, actions and intentions in order to co-create with the cosmos.  

We are currently moving through Gemini season, and since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, all Mercurial and Gemini related aspects will be in focus through June 20th / 21st.  In this post, we’ll break down the main characteristics of the sign of Gemini and ruling planet Mercury, key themes to keep in mind as we transition through this season, as well as some holistic ways to cleanse and align your energetic and physical bodies through plant and sound medicines.  Connecting with the current astrological cycle of Gemini allows us to heal specific parts of our psyche, patterning and forms of expression. 


Gemini is a mutable air sign with an inquisitive, intelligent and communicative nature.  Symbolized by the twins, Castor and Pollux, representing a strong sense of duality and adaptability.  Gemini energy is youthful, playful and creative but can experience restlessness when mental or creative blocks or boredom arise.  Patience is key in order to gently and gracefully move through challenges vs. taking short-cuts or working till burnout.  Meditation, breath work, sound bath, chanting and yoga are all excellent remedies for calming mental chaos in order to balance and refocus Gemini’s quick and airy energy.  During this season, focus on where and how you can be more adaptable and curious, in order to cultivate more duality and creativity in your hobbies, interests and experiences.  

Mercury rules over both Gemini and Virgo.  It is the planet that relates to communication, speech and writing, while also governing short distance travels, business, trade, mathematics, engineering, counseling and astrology, just to name a few.  A well-placed Mercury enables analytical and intelligent thinking, and an ability to be incredibly discerning. Unlike the Moon, which rules emotional thought, Mercury rules over the mind’s stream of rational conscious thought.  Gemini season is an excellent time to analyze our own ways of thinking and operating in order to detach from what we no longer identify with, as to call in more authentic qualities and forms of expression.  Balanced Mercurial energy is organized, lighthearted, focused, meticulous and expressive. 

The Third House in Astrology relates to both Mercury and Gemini.  This House governs learning, research, publishing and communication, as well as one’s level of curiosity, bravery and courage.  Interests or skills in music, fine art, dance, and science can also be seen from this house.  Look to your natal chart to identify which zodiac sign and or planets occupy your Third House in order to better understand its unique influences. 


The Throat Chakra is ruled by the planet Mercury, and so both Gemini and Virgo also have an affinity with this specific energy center.   When one’s Throat Chakra is balanced and open, they are able to communicate effectively, ask for what they need, implement boundaries, confront difficult situations, and self-expression feels effortless, natural and fluid.  When this energy center experiences blocks or trauma, speaking your authentic truth can feel unsafe or unimportant or just out of reach.  Communication can feel exhausting or like you’re not being heard.  Stuck energy in the Throat Chakra often manifests from suppressing one’s voice out of attempting to appease others, feeling silenced or ignored in work / family / romantic experiences, or not disconnecting enough from social media or other mind-numbing distractors….. because our ability to speak and express ourselves is controlled by the brain, how well we care for and feed our mind directly relates to our Throat Chakra and our ability to communicate and connect with our authentic voice.  Vowel and voice toning, monotone humming, chanting, singing and breath work are all excellent remedies for clearing, opening and aligning this energy center.  In sound healing, the Throat Chakra relates to the key of G.  So listening to the key G tuned at 432Hz can be helpful for dissolving any blocks you may experience around communication, expression or being heard.


Mercury ruled plants support and improve cognition and mental processes while also elevating spiritual awareness and consciousness.  Some of my favorite Mercurial ingredients for Gemini Season are Cedar, Geranium, Gotu Kola, Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Matcha, Lavender, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Brahmi, Marjoram, Mulberry, Lion’s Mane, Fennel, Parsnips, Pomegranate, Carrots.  Whether you want to try making your own essential oil infused aura mist or body oil, or a hot or cold tea blend, or a nourishing dinner curated with herbs and plants from the above list…. There are many different ways to incorporate these Mercurial plants during Gemini season.  


•2oz of purified water 

•11 drops of organic lavender essential oil

•6 drops of organic geranium essential oil 

•6 drops of organic cedar essential oil 

*combine essential oils with purified water in a 2oz amber glass spray bottle…. Shake well, allow to sit in the full moon or sun for added lunar / solar energies. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Be sure to follow @GETWELLSOONXO on Instagram for more wellness content, event and class info, and more!


Kelley Farlow

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